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benette2.jpg Season Passes, Lockers, and Nastar
Thank you for visiting our Season Pass and Lift Ticket Page. The Season Pass is for that individual who just can't get enought of that snow. While the advanced lifts are the next best thing to a pass because you can purchase them at a discounted rate and they are good for two seasons. SORRY FOR THE TROUBLE BUT THERE IS NO PAYMENT PLAN OPTION ONLINE, YOU MUST CALL THE OFFICE TO SET THIS UP. This pass price is for an unlimited visit NON-REFUNDABLE season pass! PLEASE BE SURE TO PUT THE PASSHOLDERS NAME IN THE ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS PART DURING YOUR CHECKOUT!
Large Locker
Holds 4 sets of skis and poles or 2 snowboards, you must provide your own lock.
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Small Locker
Holds 2 sets of skis and poles or one board, must provide own lock.
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Boot Locker
Holds up to 3 sets of adult boots, must provide own lock.
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Season Pass Rental
Season Pass allows you to use our equipment, either ski or board anytime you ride. You must have a season pass to purchase this item.
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Season Pass Nastar
Unlimited Nastar Racing all season long!
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2014/15 Season Pass
The Marquette Mountain Half Season Pass is the only way to go for those individuals that just can't get enough snow lodged into various articles of clothing! Starting March 1st and ALL of next season for only $459. Full access to all the open trails during the entire operational season! The luxury of riding during lunch, every day before class or after work (or both!), and all weekend long is something that you won't want to miss! This pass price is for an unlimited visit non-refundable season pass only. Once pass is purchased please send your skier into the Mountain after the first part of November to have photo taken and pass picked up.
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